Digital Pamphlets

Digital Binders - What are they?

The Area 59 Digital Communications subcommittee has compiled this reference of the most frequently-used pamphlets, Guidelines, and Service Materials created by A.A. World Services (AAWS). The original collection can be found HERE

These “Digital Binders” are reference tables that include the cover image and title with an embedded link, a QR code, and the AAWS item number.

The link and/or QR will take you to the selected publication on the website.

They can be very useful in these situations:

 *Please note: These publications are copyrighted by A.A. World Services and should only be used as outlined in the Terms of Use: HERE




4 page PDF 

78 Total pamphlets

Pamphlets: Binder     Placard

Folletos: Binder     Placard

Brochures: Binder     Placard

3 page pdf 

46 total pieces

Service material:

 Binder     Placard

Material de servicio:

 Binder     Placard

Documents de service:

 Binder     Placard

1 page pdf 

18 total guidelines

Guidelines: Binder     Placard

Guias: Binder     Placard

Ligne de conduite:

 Binder     Placard

2 page pdf 

36 Total pamphlets

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